Shots fired in Brussels.

I was at a client's this evening, when suddenly a loud bang in the street attracted our attention.

We looked out the window just in time to see two men of middle-eastern appearance running past at high speed. I initially thought they were just playing some kind of game, that is until one of them ducked into a doorway, followed by some heavily armed police officers, who had been in pursuit but outside our field of vision. As they caught up with him, they slammed him against the door, a pistol pressed to his head, several machine guns pointing his way also.

Meanwhile, other police officers were busy shooting down the length of the street at the second one, who visibly managed to get away.
Minutes later, the fire brigade also joined the party, investigating the building the two men had escaped from.

I'm guessing I may have witnessed one of the many interventions in the fight against terrorism that is occurring right now across Europe. It's certainly an unusual sight (for me, anyway) in the quiet streets of Brussels.