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A pigeon with the moves.

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Emmit Fenn's "Who Dat" video shows a pigeon with pretty impressive moves. Nice use of CGI by Patrick Jean.

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The Bucket

This is very soothing, I could watch it for hours…

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Human Lives Are Not More Important Than Animal Lives

Excellent piece by Captain Paul Watson of Sea Sheperd on the pretentious view we humans have of our place in the world.

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The Last Pig

The story of pig farmer Bob Comis who, after ten years of struggling with the ethics of raising animals for slaughter, decides to quit.

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Shark Dancer

Amazing images of Cristina Zenato, known as the shark whisperer or the shark dancer. She somehow seems to put these fierce looking creatures into a trance as she caresses them.

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The Story of Jenny Brown & Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Beautiful story of compassion…

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