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The Abandoned, Apocalyptic Architecture of One Bold 1970s Retail Chain

So much more fun than today’s generic big box stores.
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Brutalist cuckoo clocks

I’d love one. Probably way over my budget though.
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View from the scaffolding at the top of the palace of justice. Brussels from the Palace of Justice
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Japanese Home Designed Around a Climbable Bookshelf

Lovely interior. Makes you want to curl up with a book.
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The heads of Presidents Park

The US is the land of roadside attractions. One of those was the, short-lived, Presidents Park in Virginia; an open-air park where visitors could amble among giant presidents' heads.

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Memories of a future

French photographer Laurent Kronental has been documenting the typical post-war modernist and optimistic housing estates peppered around Paris. There's a definite old-school sci-fi vibe emanating from them.

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