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The heads of Presidents Park

The US is the land of roadside attractions. One of those was the, short-lived, Presidents Park in Virginia; an open-air park where visitors could amble among giant presidents' heads.

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Memories of a future

French photographer Laurent Kronental has been documenting the typical post-war modernist and optimistic housing estates peppered around Paris. There's a definite old-school sci-fi vibe emanating from them.

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Hotel Okura – End of an era

A last view of Tokyo's modernist icon Hotel Okura before a large part goes away forever

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The free spirit sphere.

Here’s a holiday home I’d enjoy locking myself into with that pile of books I can’t seem to reach the end of: the Free Spirit Sphere, a 2,9 meter wide suspended spherical treehouse. (via)

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Maison Autrique

Located in the Brussels borough of Schaerbeek, La Maison Autrique is one of the first creations of architect Victor Horta. Its stylistic elements already hinting at his upcoming role as one of the instigators of the Art Nouveau movement. The building is currently being renovated and will become a “house of the imaginary” combining exhibitions, a book shop and theming by renowned local comic book authors François Schuiten and Benoit Peeters. It’s due to open on December 2nd 2004.

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Moscow's Intourist Hotel.

Moscow's Intourist Hotel, one of the most reviled blocks of concrete in the city; home of sleaze, sloppiness and surly suspicion, will shortly be demolished. Here are some pictures (note the contrast between the article and the hotel's official description).

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