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Strandbeests are still crawling the beaches.

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If you've been around long enough, you've probably seen the Strandbeests of Theo Jansen. Wind-powered kinetic animal-like sculptures that trek across the beaches. He's still at it, now chaining them together.

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Artificially Intelligent Critical Canine.

German artist Mario Klingemann has made a fluffy robot dog that produces art critiques by pooping them out of its butt.

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Plant self-defense

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Artist David Bowen has connected a plant to a robotic arm holding a machete. The electrical signals within the plant control its movement.

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Stringed in Bright Brussels. Stringed in Bright Brussels.
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Floor 796

Just explore this incredible isometric pixel art world in your browser. Filled with tons of little details and references.

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Tracking people on public cameras from a single instagram post.

Dries Depoorter built software to scan online public cameras and link them to geotagged instagram posts from the same location. Basically finding people from a single instagram photo and potentially tracking them across any public (or not) camera out there. Technically impressive, yet disturbing.

There was a video on the page too, but it seems to have been pulled due to a copyright claim from Earthcam who, I imagine, weren't very happy about their cameras being used for this.

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