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DH: Gratos pour 124.000 ados.

Someone must have been wearing blinkers the day they came up with this idea at the Belgian government: in order to protect teenagers in chat rooms and forums, they will receive an electronic identity card reader on their 12th birthday. This reader, once connected to their PC, will let them authenticate as genuine teenagers™ and be protected from Joe the pervert trawling their communities pretending to be a 13-year-old.

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Fuckin' Erotic Street Entertainment

Erotic art in the streets of Gent.

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About Terra Chips

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” of our newest creations Terra Frites which was created based on the authentic Belgian potato snack served warm on the streets of Brussels in paper cones."
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Jigsaw Circus

Jigsaw Circus, a music video festival, starts on Wednesday with events taking place in Gent, Antwerp and Brussels. Names include Vincent Gallo, Jeff Mills, and Chris Cunningham. A Resfest screening is in the works too.

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Belgium takes on the US.

Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt has accused the US of being a very dangerous nation wanting to rule the entire Arab world. I guess we'll be hearing about freedom waffles and freedom chocolate very shortly.

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Fake journalist assassins.

The assassins of commander Chah Messaoud seem to have been Moroccans living in Belgium who passed themselves off as journalists. Once again, Osama Bin Laden is suspected as the sleeping partner in this crime. Read the detailed account of this story and how the international islamic organisations recruit and train.

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