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Shots fired in Brussels.

I was at a client's this evening, when suddenly a loud bang in the street attracted our attention. We looked out the window just in time to see two men of middle-eastern appearance running past at high speed.

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Cinema Novo Festival.

Cinema Novo looks like an interesting film festival in the making. Too bad it’s in Bruges and practically at the same time as the fantasy film festival in Brussels.

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The complete scans of Tintin in Thailand

It had to be somewhere, the complete scans of Tintin in Thailand. I particularly appreciated the references to Hergé’s heirs and to Belgium/Brussels.

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World Online

Employees of Belgian ISP World Online [archive] have gone on strike and taken over the company’s website in protest at the job cuts being planned by Italian company Tiscali [archive] which recently bought them out. The long Belgian tradition of strikes has gone virtual, you can even watch the strike on a live video stream.

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Compare Belgian phone operators

French telecommunications comparison site Comparatel has just launched the Belgian version of their service. You can use it to compare telephony operator costs or internet service providers. Let's hope the opening of the local loop to competition in 2001 pushes prices, other than for international calls, right down.

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Ice sculptures in Brugge

This exhibition of ice sculptures in Brugge looks impressive. Time for a daytrip?

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