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Product updates based on your feedback

Due to all the negative reactions, Google updates Chrome to make auto-login an option. Better but not perfect.
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Why I’m done with Chrome

Starting with Chrome 69, logging into a Google site will auto-log you into Chrome. Not a good move.
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Omniweb 5 beta

Mac users: the first public beta of Omniweb 5 is out and first signs are good. Lots of cool stuff including workspaces (fantastic), rss support, shared bookmarks, popup trap, loads of useful little extras for web developers, and much more… The version of webcore used is a bit behind Safari feature-wise, but that’s a small detail compared to all the rest.

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Opera for Macintosh

Opera for mac, public technology preview 1, is now available for download.

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Opera 5.0

The third web browser, Opera, has just reached version 5.0 and it's now available in a free version for windows. The free version is a sponsored one, like the recent versions of Eudora, which means you get a small banner somewhere in the interface in exchange for no registration fee. I hope this gives Opera more market share, they really deserve it. It's a great and compliant browser with loads of features unavailable in the other two bloated monsters. And the alpha version for Macintosh is coming along quite nicely too!

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