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Neoliberalism has conned us into fighting climate change as individuals.

While we busy ourselves greening our personal lives, fossil fuel corporations are rendering these efforts irrelevant.

They've pulled off the best trick ever: making it all about personal responsibility while they happily destroy the planet in the background. We need to attack the issue from all sides: personal change but, more importantly, system change.

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At 4°C of warming, would a billion people survive? What scientists say.

I recently watched a BBC interview with Extinction Rebellion's co-founder Roger Hallam where he mentions six billion people could die from starvation and war before the end of the century.

My future outlook as far as the coming climate emergency is downright bleak and even I was a bit surprised at the numbers he was throwing out. Well, it turns out there are scientists out there who believe exactly that.

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Fossil fuel burning leaps to new record, crushing clean energy and climate efforts.

The graphs in this article are terrifying. Our energy use is constantly growing while simultaneously pushing the percentage of renewables in use to insignificance. We are definitely on the path to catastrophe.

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Nearly every media story concerning the current heatwave and climate breakdown is illustrated by photos of people playing in fountains or on beaches like it's some kind of fun holiday. Pictures of dead crops, forest fires or old people suffering would be closer to reality and might help give a few more readers a nice big kick in the ass about our future. It's irresponsible.

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A long range forecast of our dark future

Charles Stross pulls together a rather apocalyptic, but all too believable, forecast for the next decade. An explosive cocktail of climate change, mass-migration, growing xenophobia and financial crazyness.

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Observer - Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us

I’m not sure what to make of this: A “secret report” from the pentagon warning Bush that climate change will destroy us. There will be riots, nuclear war and Britain will have a Siberian climate by 2020. Another article details how, by 2007, violent storms will smash coastal barriers rendering large parts of the Netherlands inhabitable.  I truly believe climate change is a major threat but this sounds more like a leaked Hollywood script than a classified pentagon document.

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