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An automated policing program got a man shot twice.

The world is slowly catching up to dystopian sci-fi stories. A predictive policing program used by Chicago's police predicted a man would be involved in a shooting. The ramifications within the police and local community ended up getting him shot – twice!

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Inside the Courthouse Break-Ins that Landed 2 White Hat Hackers in Jail.

I just got round to reading this account of the legal shambles a couple of white hat hackers were dropped into when their clients, the state of Iowa, decided to abandon and ignore them. It's a gripping read.

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Pas op! Nep betaalautomaten

If you notice a leaflet folder stuck to the side of the cash machine next time you’re withdrawing money from your account, give it a closer look. High-tech thieves may be at work in the area.

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La Libre: Un wattman enerve degaine son arme

Insecurity in public transport isn’t necessarily due to your fellow commuters. A Brussels tram driver pulled a loaded gun on a passenger yesterday.

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True Twin Peaks.

This story is eerily similar to that of Twin Peak's Laura Palmer. (thanks John)

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