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A pigeon with the moves.

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Emmit Fenn's "Who Dat" video shows a pigeon with pretty impressive moves. Nice use of CGI by Patrick Jean.

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Brutalist cuckoo clocks

I’d love one. Probably way over my budget though.
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The scarab automobile

In the thirties, William Bushnell Stout designed the egyptian-inspired and art-deco-feeling scarab automobile.

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NY Times: Behold the Artful Price Tag.

The New York Times has an interesting article on, among other things, the balance between design and price; how design, now becoming a commodity, is something you look through, not at.
When I manage to gather enough courage to drift through local shopping areas, all I see are signs of a long and twisted road to pervasive design.

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Bureau347 - Communicative Design (Brussels, Belgium)

Brussels-based design studio Bureau 347 just inaugurated their new site.

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Tom Van Camp Portfolio

Ex-colleague Tom Van Camp is looking for employment in the web design business. He works fast, learns even faster, can hand code properly, and is a great person too. Buy now! operators are standing by! Seriously though, check him out.

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