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Like son, like mother.

You may have heard of Alex Honnold, star of Free Solo, a documentary following his rope-free climb of El Capitan in Yosemite national park. Well, Deirdre Wolownick, his mother, started climbing at the age of 60 in order to be closer to her son. And she just scaled El Capitan for the second time at the age of 70.

If you ever felt like it was too late to learn a skill, that's proof enough there's always time.

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Death Metal Grandma

Death Metal Grandma follows the story of 96 year old Holocaust survivor, former WW2 spy and famous songwriter Inge Ginsberg as she decides to pursue a new career: Death Metal.

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Bikes vs Cars

Interesting looking documentary.

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Quick review – Dinosaur 13

It could be the title of a cheap sci-fi movie, it's not. Dinosaur 13 is a gripping, albeit biased, documentary that could rival many thrillers.

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The Corporation

Is the corporation the prototypical psychopath? Make sure you watch the videos.

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