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Inside the world of underground warehouse raves, forest parties, and Freetekno.

As someone who used to hang out in all these strange and exciting places, I'm happy to know it's all still happening despite the mainstream takeover.

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What time is death?

Looks like our old friends The KLF/K2 Plant Hire/The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu are planning something for the first annual Toxteth Day Of The Dead.
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Collateral Damage: Dance music and orchestras don’t mix

“if the establishment is really interested in taking club music seriously, it might consider throwing some money at the culture rather than airlifting it to the safety of publicly funded arts organisations”
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Ghent Light Festival

Two weeks ago, we hopped on a train and spent the evening wandering around Ghent, exploring the installations dotted around the city for their annual light festival.

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Amazon DevCon - Rael Dornfest.

Several well-known technologists and software developers were invited to an internal conference for the development staff at headquarters this week. Most corporations would close an event like this to outsiders, which is what Amazon has done also. The major difference being that they’ve been blogging highlights of the talks to the rest of the world via the Amazon Web Services Blog.

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Scotsman: Kite-flying festival ends in tragedy as four are killed

Who knew flying a kite could be so hazardous?

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