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Chemicals in clothes could enter your body.

New research shows that sweat has the potential to extract chemical additives from synthetics that are contained in sports technical clothing. We often worry about chemicals in food, but they could infiltrate our bodies in other ways.

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The products you own are worse now.

It's not your imagination, products you buy are worse now. Fashion falls apart. Gadgets become unusable, etc. Mainly due to accelerating market changes rather than a deliberate reduction in material quality alone.

Fast-forward a handful of decades, and now several generations of people are conditioned to buy the new thing and to keep replacing it. Companies, in turn, amp up production accordingly. It’s less so that objects are intended to break — functional planned obsolescence, if you will — but rather that consumer mindsets are oriented around finding the better object
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Why fashion should worry about leather more than plastic

The choice between synthetics or animal materials is a false binary because they both present real problems.
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How fast fashion adds to the world’s clothing waste problem

Most of the clothing dumped in charity bins ends up in landfills. Bottom-line: buy less and buy better quality.

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The fast fashion problem

There's a serious overconsumption problem in fashion these days. Cheap, so-called "fast fashion" is pushing people to buy more clothes, a good percentage of which is never even worn.

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Manolo's Shoe Blog.

There are numerous fashion-related blogs out there, many related to streetwear or sneakers — Preshrunk being the latest — but my secret little read is Manolo and his piquant Shoe Blog. How can you resist posts like this one?

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