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Guardian: Monsanto's chapati patent raises Indian ire

Monsanto patents the Chapati wheat. Up next: Novartis patents pizza dough.

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Man Beef: catering to the sophisticated human meat consumer.

With foot and mouth disease spreading over Europe and causing chaos, why not choose an alternative meat? The next time you have guests over for dinner, serve them a plate of man beef.

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Coke on tap at home.

It had to happen: Americans will soon be able to get Coke on tap in their homes. Tooth decay here we come.

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Vegetarian Recipe. offers a comprehensive list of, you guessed it, vegetarian recipes. With lots of nice little details like the possibility of converting quantities to metric and keeping a personal recipe list. So after browsing through there, I’m off to do some shopping!

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Scientific American: Apple Juice: It Does a Heart Good

The old adage "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" is close to the truth, just make it two apples, or about 1 litre of apple juice.

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