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Chrome is getting worse.

Steer clear of Google Chrome if you value your privacy. They've just introduced a misleadingly labeled "privacy sandbox" feature, which, paradoxically, undermines user privacy rather than protecting it.

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Wonders you can find on street view.

A site that compiles all the strange and interesting places you can spot on Google Street View.

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They're not selling your data. It's much worse...

Note: playing video here allows YouTube to track you. View on YouTube or Invidious (tracking-free).

A great explanation of real time bidding and how your personal information does get shared by google (and many others) with thousands of third-parties, some in China and Russia. Whatever sneaky language they use to reassure you, this is the reality of the online advertising world.

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Product updates based on your feedback

Due to all the negative reactions, Google updates Chrome to make auto-login an option. Better but not perfect.
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Why I’m done with Chrome

Starting with Chrome 69, logging into a Google site will auto-log you into Chrome. Not a good move.
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Jaron Lanier: How we need to remake the internet

We cannot have a society in which, if two people wish to communicate, the only way that can happen is through a third person who wishes to manipulate them.

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