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The hidden history of London’s railings

Fascinating. And makes you wonder how many other historical artifacts are recycled in plain sight

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Terrorism is not new

From the NY Times: The First Global Terrorists Were Anarchists in the 1890s

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The heads of Presidents Park

The US is the land of roadside attractions. One of those was the, short-lived, Presidents Park in Virginia; an open-air park where visitors could amble among giant presidents' heads.

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Coffee Tastes Different in the UK and the US

Coffee, once you step outside the world of simply drinking it and start actually tasting it, is a world of many descriptors, some different depending on the culture.

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Newtendo Entertainment System

Time to dust off another piece of hardware. Newtendo emulates the good old NES on your Apple Newton.

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Slate: The Bellicose Curve

The history of US wars based on faulty intelligence.

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