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Introducing the idea of ‘hyperobjects’

It’s like being inside the gigantic worm in The Empire Strikes Back. For a while, you can kid yourself that you’re not inside a gigantic worm, until it starts digesting you. Because the worm is “everywhere” in your field of vision, you can’t really tell the difference between it and the surface of the asteroid you think you landed on.

I really like this term "hyperobject" used to describe things you can mentally picture or think about but can't see as such. Like, for example, climate change.

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Deepl translator

Seems to work better than Google translate.
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Banished Words List: 2005.

The list of banished words for 2005. I would have nominated blogosphere but it’s already in there.

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Le 1er livre en langage SMS

The first book in SMS language has been published, and it’s in French. Ben ke C 5pa.

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Engrish subtitles

Hilarious screen grabs with subtitles from the Asian DVD bootleg of The Two Towers.

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