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The "Right to Repair" movement gains ground.

If Americans would extend the life of their cellphones by one year, for instance, it would be the climate-saving equivalent of taking 636,000 cars off the road, or about the amount of passenger vehicles registered in the state of New Mexico.

Nice to see things moving in the right direction. I just replaced the battery on my iPhone 6s for the third time. A repair centre will charge about €50 to do it for you and if you do it yourself, like I did, it will cost you €20. The constant need to upgrade is a disease.

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Inside the Courthouse Break-Ins that Landed 2 White Hat Hackers in Jail.

I just got round to reading this account of the legal shambles a couple of white hat hackers were dropped into when their clients, the state of Iowa, decided to abandon and ignore them. It's a gripping read.

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European Copyright Law Isn’t Great. It Could Soon Get a Lot Worse.

The EU is proposing copyright law that’s so ridiculous it even outlaws Creative Commons.
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European software patents mess

The O'Reilly Network is carrying a good summary of the current European software patents directive/mess.

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A European broadcast flag

Cory Doctorow points to an article about yet another acronym: CPCM, the European version of the United States' broadcast flag and just as potentially troubling. It defines what a consumer can or can't do with copyrighted content on his equipment, if it can be stored, copied, shared and how many times. It looks, at first glance, to be even more restrictive than its American cousin.

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linux-elitists: Microsoft goes after Linux kernel downloaders?

More on the Windows leak; Microsoft gets heavy with people offering source on file sharing networks, Linux included.

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