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The carbon footprint sham.

On the hypocrisy and deviousness of the fossil-fuel companies:

It’s here that British Petroleum, or BP, first promoted and soon successfully popularized the term “carbon footprint" in the early aughts. The company unveiled its “carbon footprint calculator” in 2004 so one could assess how their normal daily life — going to work, buying food, and (gasp) traveling — is largely responsible for heating the globe.

I knew about the anti-litter campaigns being funded by the packaging producers but I didn't know the carbon footprint was a similar industry invention. All created to put the focus on individual responsibility and cloak the oil industry's.

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Youtube face

Once you’ve seen it, it’s everywhere.
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The Problem with Muzak

Spotify is slowly killing music discovery by promoting playlists as mood wallpaper rather than pushing albums and artists.
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