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A Love Letter to the Link Post.

This link post approves of the post in question.

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This blog is 20 years old today. I thought I should mark the moment, even if posting is not as frequent as it used to be and social media has eaten into people's attention spans.

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If you're reading this site via RSS, you probably saw a whole lot of old posts in your feed again. Sorry about that, I've been changing the codebase and it caused some issues. It should all be back to normal shortly.

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Where to play pinball

The new version of the site I built to make it easier to find and share places where you can still play pinball in Europe is now live.

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Taking my words back

Recent years haven't been kind to personal publishing online. Social media took over with its immediacy and mobile-friendly form. And, like many, I migrated to that world of short attention spans, updating my "status" with the odd link or comment while this site gathered digital dust in the background. But I've been feeling an increasing discomfort with the idea of creating content for these closed and often walled gardens…

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Changes are afoot.

I’m making changes, yet again, to this site. Until these changes materialise, updates will only be happening in the surplus links column/feed. Everything else is frozen, so keep your eyes locked on that section.

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