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How movie sounds are made.

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Fascinating look into how sounds in film are produced. As well as a custom house built to do the work.

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Insect illustrations inspired by Looney Tunes and horror movies.

British illustrator Richard Wilkinson creates insects based on characters like Bugs Bunny or Jason Voorhees.

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Dogs from isle of dogs movies Visiting Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs
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Memories of a future

French photographer Laurent Kronental has been documenting the typical post-war modernist and optimistic housing estates peppered around Paris. There's a definite old-school sci-fi vibe emanating from them.

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Quick review – Dinosaur 13

It could be the title of a cheap sci-fi movie, it's not. Dinosaur 13 is a gripping, albeit biased, documentary that could rival many thrillers.

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I’m not sure what it’s all about, but Japanese movie Casshern is visually stunning. Make sure you watch the trailer.

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