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S Club 7 appeal to fans.

What unbelievable hypocrisy! Marketing… argh.

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An example of terminal: the Hi-Muse.

Here’s an interesting gadget/prototype: The Hi-Muse [archive link] is a Hi-Fi product entirely dedicated to audio. It looks like a micro Hi-Fi system with a large touch screen, a CD player, a hard drive and direct access to the Web. It can be connected to your existing audio system or used as a USB or Ethernet peripheral in your computer system.

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Thai Elephant Orchestra

Forget two-step, nu-skool breaks or drum & bass, the next big thing will be the Thai Elephant Orchestra. (thanks Dimitri!)

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Napster Helps RIAA Again, RIAA Still Ungrateful

Slashdot debunks the recording industry figures about sales being down due to Napster. Their CD sales are actually up, they just released a misleading press statement. No surprise there…

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Boston Globe: Poor CD sales blamed on Napster

The recording industry is blaming Napster for poor CD sales [dead link]. How about blaming it on incredibly high retail prices? That’s the reason I don’t contribute to CD sales, not because of my very occasional Napster use. 20 Euros is way over the top. If they reduced the price by half, I’d have quite a collection by now, they should do the math but they’re probably too busy lamenting the rise of file-swapping services.

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Cnet News: Music labels to ISPs: Shut down Napster clones

The offensive has begun. After the Napster victory, the RIAA is now requesting ISPs shut down copycat systems like OpenNap. I wonder how they’ll get around Gnutella and OpenNap servers in countries they don’t have a stranglehold on.

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