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Don’t Connect to a Public Wi-Fi Network Anywhere You Wouldn’t Go Barefoot

You can’t see the gross stuff on the airport floor, but you wouldn’t walk there barefoot.

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Dreams of television over IP

There's an interesting post at The New Normal about the dreams of television over IP, how the traditional broadcast model is impractical within the constraints of today's networks and how this shouldn't prevent innovative non-realtime distribution models from taking root now.

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The bellster network phone sharing service.

Taking the concept of peer-to-peer telephony one step further, Bellster is the brainchild of Jeff Pulver, one of the people who initiated the free world dialup project back in 1995 (that’s 40 years ago in human years).

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WAP remote shell

On the road but desperately need to fix something on your web server? Wapsh allows you to remotely login into a unix shell via your wap-enabled mobile phone. Of course, it's probably slow as hell. And that's if you can get that far without wap crashing your phone. (Can you tell I don't think much of wap?)

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