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Israel’s Netanyahu brings his dirty laundry to Washington. Literally.

Not the Onion:

Israeli officials denied that Netanyahu overuses his American hosts’ laundry services, calling the allegations “absurd,” but they acknowledged that he has been the target of laundry-related accusations in the past.
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Garnet Hertz - Experiments in Galvanism: Frog with Implanted Webserver

What the… ? A web server inside a frog.

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Reuters: New York Driver Nabbed While Watching Porn Movie

Don’t drive and ...ehm… watch porn.

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Telegraph: I blagged my way through, reading a torn-up textbook and ad libbing

Superb! This guy is a heavy contender for the blagger of the year award (yes, that’s blagger, not blogger).

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Scotsman: Kite-flying festival ends in tragedy as four are killed

Who knew flying a kite could be so hazardous?

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ITV: Pastry blamed for station evacuation

I guess they’ll be banning pastry from airports now.

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