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Adult Panties, with a Christian message.

We all need a pair of prayer panties.

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Union Leader: Pillow fight' assault

Pillows can be dangerous: in New Hampshire, an assailant sneaks up on his victims and attacks them with a big fluffy one while, back, in the UK, a 12-year-old girl has died in a pillow fight.

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Ebay: haunted doll auction

Haunted doll up for auction on Ebay, including spooky video footage.

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Obituaries in the News (scroll down).

Charles Johnson, president of the Flat Earth Society, died Monday at age 76.

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Baby think it over.

Baby, think it over. You might end up with a drug-affected baby.

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Woman found in Pamela Anderson's bed pleads guilty.

A French woman has been found in Pamela Anderson’s bed. Why not? After all, you find them in plenty of other places.

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