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Ronald found destroyed in Pioneer Park.

Ronald McDonald has been found hanging from a tree. Sadly it was just a prank and not an act of self-destruction by the clown himself when he realized the unhealthy habits he was promoting to children. Even worse is the fact he was stolen from "Ronald McDonald House, the non-profit organization that uses the well-known clown image as a symbol of its work with children and families." The hypocrisy of McDonalds never ceases to amaze me.

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Thai Elephant Orchestra

Forget two-step, nu-skool breaks or drum & bass, the next big thing will be the Thai Elephant Orchestra. (thanks Dimitri!)

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Zoophile's father sentenced.

Father attempts to kill his zoophile son with a crowbar. Can things get stranger?

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Berries tempt birds into risky, drunk-diving lives.

News flash: Birds caught flying under the influence of alcohol.

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Ananova: Net surfer discovers new-found love kept corpse in freezer

Your mother told you not to talk to strangers, but she should warn you about travelling half-way across the world to hook up with a young girl you met in a chat room on the internet. She might just turn out to be a pensioner with a corpse in the freezer.

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A shrine to toast

Yes, some people really have too much time on their hands. Laurie McLelland presents her Shrine to Toast. It works, I have a sudden craving for toast and marmalade. Damn you Laurie!

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