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The bellster network phone sharing service.

Taking the concept of peer-to-peer telephony one step further, Bellster is the brainchild of Jeff Pulver, one of the people who initiated the free world dialup project back in 1995 (that’s 40 years ago in human years).

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SFL phone.

SFLphone is an open-source softphone for VOIP, it supports the standards like SIP and is completely skinnable. It’s in early stages right now and has only been compiled on Linux, but support for other platforms is planned. It’ll be interesting to watch how people will tweak it and integrate it with existing applications.

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The future of Darwin

Linux news has an article about the future of Darwin, OS X and Apple's partnership with the open source community. The comments from Ernie Prabhakar, Darwin's open source product manager are extremely interesting.

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