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Susy Thunder. The notorious phone phreaker that vanished.

A fascinating look at the story of Susy Thunder, a phone phreaker, social engineer and many other things.

In the early ’80s, Susan and her friends pulled increasingly elaborate phone scams until they nearly shut down phone service for the entire city. As two of her friends, Kevin Mitnick and Lewis DePayne, were being convicted for cybercrime, she made an appearance on 20/20, demonstrating their tradecraft to Geraldo Rivera. Riding her celebrity, she went briefly legit, testifying before the US Senate and making appearances at security conventions, spouting technobabble in cowboy boots and tie-dye. Then, without a trace, she left the world behind.
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Zuckerberg: "scoundrel" of the year.

There are many things to abhor about Mark Zuckerberg and his works, but the fundamental mediocrity of it all—the lack of vision, the absence of any moral sense or shame, the inability and unwillingness not just to fix but even reckon with the dangerous and ungovernable thing he’s made—is what feels both most egregious and most of this moment. It is embarrassing and not a little enraging to realize that you are subject to the whims of an amoral and incurious capitalist posing as a visionary optimist. It is especially humiliating when the all-bestriding and inevitable figure in question is such a dim, dull nullity.

An excellent assessment of Marc Zuckerberg and his complete lack of character and morality.

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Like son, like mother.

You may have heard of Alex Honnold, star of Free Solo, a documentary following his rope-free climb of El Capitan in Yosemite national park. Well, Deirdre Wolownick, his mother, started climbing at the age of 60 in order to be closer to her son. And she just scaled El Capitan for the second time at the age of 70.

If you ever felt like it was too late to learn a skill, that's proof enough there's always time.

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The man who invented more than 800 iconic toys.

Note: playing video here allows YouTube to track you. View on YouTube or Invidious (tracking-free).

Beautiful story of an inventor still busy at 98.

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What Do Famous People’s Bookshelves Reveal?

The New York Times takes a peek at background celebrity bookshelves as they get interviewed from home.

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Lost wallets largely get returned.

A study finds that people generally return lost wallets when found. The rate even goes up if the amount inside is higher. Curiously, not in the Vatican.

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