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Don't Upgrade Your Phone (Yet!)

Note: playing video here allows YouTube to track you. View on YouTube or Invidious (tracking-free).

Do you need a new phone or can you just replace the battery instead?

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“Emily in Paris” and the rise of ambient TV.

They're deliberately creating TV content as a background to people's phone addiction now.

It’s O.K. to look at your phone all the time, the show seems to say, because Emily does it, too. The episodic plots are too thin to ever be confusing; when you glance back up at the television, chances are that you’ll find tracking shots of the Seine or cobblestoned alleyways, lovely but meaningless.
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The mobile phone vs the iPod

Bill Gates believes mobile phones will overtake portable music players like the iPod as peoples’ MP3 players of choice.

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Mobile Entertainment Forum launches the UK's first authoritative Ringtones Chart

Top of the pops meets your mobile. Coming soon from KPMG: the ringtone charts.

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Le 1er livre en langage SMS

The first book in SMS language has been published, and it’s in French. Ben ke C 5pa.

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Compare Belgian phone operators

French telecommunications comparison site Comparatel has just launched the Belgian version of their service. You can use it to compare telephony operator costs or internet service providers. Let's hope the opening of the local loop to competition in 2001 pushes prices, other than for international calls, right down.

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