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The Nord Stream attack points to Kyiv.

I just got round to reading this exhaustive investigation of the Nord Stream pipelines sabotage. It's quite a story and also a political powder keg.

Behind the scenes, though, you get clearer statements. Investigators from the BKA, the Federal Police and the Office of the Federal Prosecutor have few remaining doubts that a Ukrainian commando was responsible for blowing up the pipelines. A striking number of clues point to Ukraine, they say.
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Trump vs Biden, the AI debate.

AI is definitely being overhyped these days, but there are still some impressive machine learning examples popping up. This real-time parody debate between Trump and Biden is simultaneously hilarious and terrifying.

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Brexit stems from a civil war in capitalism.

One of the clearest explanations I've seen for Brexit.

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Israel’s Netanyahu brings his dirty laundry to Washington. Literally.

Not the Onion:

Israeli officials denied that Netanyahu overuses his American hosts’ laundry services, calling the allegations “absurd,” but they acknowledged that he has been the target of laundry-related accusations in the past.
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The TikTok war.

I was completely out of the loop with TikTok and the various allegations concerning it. This substantial take from Stratechery gave me a much clearer picture.

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How McKinsey destroyed the middle class.

Take some time out to read this fascinating piece on the corrosive effect of management consultancies on how businesses are now run at the expense of the people working there.

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