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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: meet the prez (Realvideo)

The daily show strikes again: meet the prez

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John Stewart Daily Show - Presidential Oopsie #134: Maybe there weren't any WMD in Iraq (RealVideo)

Imagine you found out there is no Santa Claus after you bombed the North Pole.

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Belgium takes on the US.

Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt has accused the US of being a very dangerous nation wanting to rule the entire Arab world. I guess we'll be hearing about freedom waffles and freedom chocolate very shortly.

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The Times: Heath drew up plan for partition in Northern Ireland

Edward Heath's Conservative Government was so overwhelmed by the explosion of violence in Northern Ireland that it drew up secret ‘ethnic cleansing’ plans to forcibly expel hundreds of thousands of Roman Catholics and to redraw the border to create a Protestant-only ‘sectarian statelet’, it was revealed today.
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Make your own Bush speech. (thanks Samuel)

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Big brother at the commission.

Europe doesn’t need to worry about echelon, the NSA already has a nice and comfy seat from where it can watch everything happening within the European commission. They’re buddies with the guy in charge of communications encryption. Priceless…

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