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The Dutch cities amassing data on oblivious residents

A smart city is a privatised city and nobody knows what will happen to your data.
Linked on the 7th of March, 2018 Details

The City That Remembers Everything

The smart city will capture, store and remember every microscopic detail of your daily life.
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Google, You Creepy Sonofabitch

It does feel a little sinister.
Linked on the 14th of January, 2018 Details

DNS Watch

Nice privacy-focused alternative to public DNS resolvers like Google or Quad9. No Logging and DNSSEC-enabled.
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You need an ad blocker

Ad networks, marketing services and the websites using their products regularly complain about the prevalence of ad-blocker use among their visitors. Comparing it to theft of services.

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Tracking People Without GPS

Combining multiple freely available data sources is often just as accurate as a single one, if not more.
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