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Essays that became books.

One of the best ways to find good things to read is to look for the essays that were so good that they eventually became books.

An interesting list of essays that eventually became books, with links to both. I've read a few and, honestly, the essay is usually fine. Non-fiction books have a tendency to add filler in order to hit a minimum page count.

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A Novelist Invented a Fake Startup, investors want to fund it.

Not The Onion:

When Tahmima Anam set out to write her popular new novel The Startup Wife, she created a world for its characters to live in, including a secretive incubator called Utopia and the fictional startups it helped launch, complete with website. One of those fake companies has captured the imagination of VCs and other investors who don't know it's a fake -- and are interested in funding it.
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What Do Famous People’s Bookshelves Reveal?

The New York Times takes a peek at background celebrity bookshelves as they get interviewed from home.

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How William Gibson keeps his science fiction real.

a Gibsonian apocalypse: the end of the world is already here; it’s just not very evenly distributed.

Brilliant interview with William Gibson.

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Appholes and Contracts.

Fantastic article by Craig Mod on the implicit contracts we enter into when giving our attention to digital media. He refers to this as a lack of edges which is the best description I've seen of the issue to date. Read it.

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The Invisible City Beneath Paris.

Great article on the Paris catacombs and the "cataphiles" that map and explore them. It's excerpted from a book which I'm definitely adding to my reading pile.

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