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Week-end reading

A few long-form articles I came across this week that are worth putting some time aside to dive into. This week-end for example…

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The just-world bias

From a Guardian opinion piece: Believing that life is fair might make you a terrible person.

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Hunter S. Thompson links

A couple of Hunter S. Thompson links featuring Johnny Depp and Ralph Steadman.

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The Scotsman: Joyce grandson threatens to ban readings at festival

James Joyce must be spinning in his grave. His grandson, Stephen, has announced he’ll sue for breach of copyright if any public recitations of Joyce’s work take place. Not quite what the organisers of the upcoming Bloomsday centenary festival were expecting.

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The complete scans of Tintin in Thailand

It had to be somewhere, the complete scans of Tintin in Thailand. I particularly appreciated the references to Hergé’s heirs and to Belgium/Brussels.

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Hunter S. Thompson at ESPN

I have absolutely no interest in sport, but with gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson writing a column for ESPN, I may suddenly acquire a taste for it.

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