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pt + roblog

A sony Aibo and other robotic friends post automatically to this photoblog.

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Pas op! Nep betaalautomaten

If you notice a leaflet folder stuck to the side of the cash machine next time you’re withdrawing money from your account, give it a closer look. High-tech thieves may be at work in the area.

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Kalashnikov in MP3

The right to bear MP3?

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Vodafone future (heavy Flash site)

The future as seen by Vodafone: sacrificing your privacy for cool gadgets.

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SMH: Internet marks 20th birthday

Oh, and happy new year to you all by the way and a happy birthday to TCP/IP too!

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Why the Apple Newton Failed.

Why the Apple Newton failed. Such a shame, it’s an incredible device, still way ahead of other PDAs in some areas, like handwriting recognition. I’m still using a Messagepad 2100, as the self-respecting apple-geek that I am. I’ll probably switch to another PDA one day, but nothing has come close yet. found via Camworld

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