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A European broadcast flag

Cory Doctorow points to an article about yet another acronym: CPCM, the European version of the United States' broadcast flag and just as potentially troubling. It defines what a consumer can or can't do with copyrighted content on his equipment, if it can be stored, copied, shared and how many times. It looks, at first glance, to be even more restrictive than its American cousin.

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pt + roblog

A sony Aibo and other robotic friends post automatically to this photoblog.

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Pas op! Nep betaalautomaten

If you notice a leaflet folder stuck to the side of the cash machine next time you’re withdrawing money from your account, give it a closer look. High-tech thieves may be at work in the area.

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Kalashnikov in MP3

The right to bear MP3?

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Vodafone future (heavy Flash site)

The future as seen by Vodafone: sacrificing your privacy for cool gadgets.

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SMH: Internet marks 20th birthday

Oh, and happy new year to you all by the way and a happy birthday to TCP/IP too!

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