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Why the Apple Newton Failed.

Why the Apple Newton failed. Such a shame, it’s an incredible device, still way ahead of other PDAs in some areas, like handwriting recognition. I’m still using a Messagepad 2100, as the self-respecting apple-geek that I am. I’ll probably switch to another PDA one day, but nothing has come close yet. found via Camworld

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An example of terminal: the Hi-Muse.

Here’s an interesting gadget/prototype: The Hi-Muse [archive link] is a Hi-Fi product entirely dedicated to audio. It looks like a micro Hi-Fi system with a large touch screen, a CD player, a hard drive and direct access to the Web. It can be connected to your existing audio system or used as a USB or Ethernet peripheral in your computer system.

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The Be Aura platform.

The whole internet appliance thing has kind of floated right over my head, but Be's Aura, a reference platform for a networkable, Be-based home stereo, is something else.

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Grocer invents gun with no moving parts

Australian grocery wholesaler Mike O'Dwyer has invented a gun with no moving parts that can fire one million rounds per minute, compared to actual guns where the fastest one 'only' fires 6000 rounds per minute. I can't say the invention of new ways for killing people overjoys me, but the technology does impress me.

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P2P explained

The Red Herring features a no-nonsense article about P2P networking that cuts through the hype. Well worth reading.

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WAP remote shell

On the road but desperately need to fix something on your web server? Wapsh allows you to remotely login into a unix shell via your wap-enabled mobile phone. Of course, it's probably slow as hell. And that's if you can get that far without wap crashing your phone. (Can you tell I don't think much of wap?)

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