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There are so many co-working spaces these days you could probably work for a whole year just by using all the free trials.

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The Invisible City Beneath Paris.

Great article on the Paris catacombs and the "cataphiles" that map and explore them. It's excerpted from a book which I'm definitely adding to my reading pile.

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Barcelona is leading the fightback against smart city surveillance

Reversing the smart city paradigm. Barcelona is moving from the surveillance capitalism model, where data is opaque and owned by subcontractors and third parties, to a model where citizens own their data.
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The war against cars will ultimately be won — and that’s good for everyone

Nice rundown on the multiple advantages of discouraging city car use.
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Self-Recharging e-bikes—the next Frontier of Shared Mobility

Conventional bikes already are faster than cars for trips of up to 5 km in urban areas, e-bikes increase this distance to almost 10 km.
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The Dutch cities amassing data on oblivious residents

A smart city is a privatised city and nobody knows what will happen to your data.
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