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Plastic Recycling is a scam.

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I never knew the plastics industry had co-opted the recycling symbol in order to reduce people's image of plastic as an environmental issue. Bleak but not particularly surprising.

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A pigeon with the moves.

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Emmit Fenn's "Who Dat" video shows a pigeon with pretty impressive moves. Nice use of CGI by Patrick Jean.

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Wuppertal's Schwebebahn in 1902.

MoMA just uploaded an amazingly clear film from 1902 showing the suspended railway in Wuppertal. It's still impressive today but it must have been something 118 years ago.

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Covid-19 information

I'm not going to start posting a ton of things about the current pandemic but I wanted to point to Dr. John Campbell's YouTube channel which has been rational and informative throughout the whole thing and well worth a watch.

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Watering a flower by Haruomi Hosono

The comments on the video for Haruomi Hosono's 1984 cassette track Watering a flower are lovely. It's a pleasant change from the usual youtube toxicity. They've even been compiled into a book. (via Joe Veix)

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Death Metal Grandma

Death Metal Grandma follows the story of 96 year old Holocaust survivor, former WW2 spy and famous songwriter Inge Ginsberg as she decides to pursue a new career: Death Metal.

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