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The inventor of the Aeropress coffee maker

If you enjoy good coffee at home, you most probably own, or at least know of, the Aeropress. It's one of the simplest ways to get repeatably delicious coffee in a single serving. Mine gets daily use.

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Hotel Okura – End of an era

A last view of Tokyo's modernist icon Hotel Okura before a large part goes away forever

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The Story of Jenny Brown & Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Beautiful story of compassion…

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Journey through the layers of the mind

You may have noticed a whole bunch of content pertaining to neural networks "dreaming" making the rounds recently. This is a variation based on image recognition.

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Open Video Toaster

Anyone who was ever anywhere near an Amiga knows the Video Toaster. It was the world’s first affordable desktop video editing environment and made many, including myself, drool at its capabilities. It’s now been open-sourced and can be grabbed at Coincidentally, I just recently pulled the trusty old A4000 out of retirement in a bid to run some form of unix on it, maybe I should try the toaster instead.

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