Surviving climate change: low marks for Belgium

An article at Motherboard maps out countries based on their vulnerability to climate change and their readiness for adaptation to the upcoming changes. This seems to be mainly based on technological preparedness, so I assume mass immigration from affected countries is not part of the risk assessment here.

In general, the richer you are, the better. Notice little Belgium not doing that great compared to its neighbours though.

Quick review: Dinosaur 13

I just watched and thoroughly enjoyed Dinosaur 13.

It could be the title of a cheap sci-fi movie, it's not. Dinosaur 13 is a gripping, albeit biased, documentary that could rival many thrillers. It paints the story behind the South Dakota discovery of the largest T-Rex skeleton ever unearthed which, on the surface, sounds quite boring, but the David-vs-Goliath story of government overreach, bewildering courtroom drama and obsession that ensues is quite moving.

I suggest you just dive in without looking up the story, that's what I did.

Best movie posters of 2014

Mubi have published their best movie posters of 2014 list. I'm partial to the city-themed Birdman ones myself, but they're all great.

By the way, if you like cinema, and you haven't checked Mubi out yet, you probably should. They offer a rotating set of curated films — a sort of indie alternative to Netflix.
If you sign up via this link, you get your first 30 days for free and, if you decide to subscribe I get a free month too (if you don't like affiliate links, here's a standard link to their site).


Yet again, I've started from scratch with this weblog.

The last version was just annoying to use for me, and a barrier to posting. Hopefully, this simpler solution will get me back into proper publishing habits. Time will tell…

I have archives of previous posts, most of them being pointers to dead content, so I'll avoid polluting the web with them once again. A few of the more compelling ones will probably trickle back into this edition at some point in the future.

So, let's begin!