Chrome is getting worse.

Steer clear of Google Chrome if you value your privacy. They've just introduced a misleadingly labeled "privacy sandbox" feature, which, paradoxically, undermines user privacy rather than protecting it.

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Max Porter on the weapons industry and Palestine.

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A scorching monologue by Max Porter, exposing the seemingly ordinary people who forge the tools of genocide – the wrench-turners, ledger-keepers, and nameless faces behind the machinery of death.

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Make your old Casio watch smart.

An intriguing upgrade for classic Casio LCD wristwatches. A motherboard replacement that allows for customisable watch faces and features like temperature tracking. It's open source and easily hackable. An alternative to the modern smartwatch.

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A great explainer for large language models.

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If you're feeling confused about the recent AI hype and would like to understand how large language models (most AI are LLMs) work, this presentation is one of the clearest I've watched. It's an hour long, so grab a coffee.

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The 56 best/worst analogies written by high school students.

Exactly what the title says, with gems like "The little boat gently drifted across the pond exactly the way a bowling ball wouldn’t".

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Chemicals in clothes could enter your body.

New research shows that sweat has the potential to extract chemical additives from synthetics that are contained in sports technical clothing. We often worry about chemicals in food, but they could infiltrate our bodies in other ways.

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