You’re reading this because you’re addicted to information.

Roughly 45 minutes into an online search for a vegetable peeler, I looked away from my screen to realize the kitchen had grown dark and the day turned to night. I thought to myself, this is a problem.

This feels exceedingly familiar.

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FlixTrain’s arrival in Belgium will not be opposed by SNCB.

With regard to my recent link to a post about high speed trains having negative effects on rail travel, it looks like a standard rail link may be coming back between Brussels and Paris thanks to low-cost German operator Flixtrain.

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That Tesla #cybertruck looks perfect for driving across the post-climate-apocalypse landscape while fighting for the last remaining lithium on the planet.

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When America tried to deport its radicals

Interesting story about the partially successful attempt to deport political dissidents from the USA one hundred years ago. Nothing really changes.

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High Speed Trains are Killing the European Railway Network

With the arrival of high speed trains and low-cost airlines, rich and poor are simply swapping long-distance transport modes.

This is exactly the case. I doubt the return of traditional cheaper trains would change much. They did let you carry your bike onto them which is not the case for most high-speed lines today though. As long as airlines are basically subsidised and we all take for granted that we can go anywhere in the world whenever we want to, the situation has little chance of changing.

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Privacy is a collective concern

When we tell companies about ourselves, we give away details about others, too. This annoys me so much I've often been tempted to block communication with people on gmail as I don't want google hoovering up my personal discussions and relationships.

Unfortunately, it would probably kill a good third of my email, much of it work-related, so I have to live with my privacy being invaded because others don't care or don't understand.

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