Title Year Seen Rating
The Big Grasshopper 1967 12 Sep 21 Rated 4
Strange blend of heist film, classic romance and experimental sixties cinema that doesn't really work. It's very pretty and the historic glimpse at yesterday's Lebanon is fascinating, but that doesn't compensate the tediousness of it all.
Creem: America's Only Rock 'n' Roll Magazine 2019 11 Sep 21 Rated 6
Interesting insights into an icon of the rock'n'roll press. Probably more engaging for readers of the time, as the documentary does little to feature the original writing, leaving you to wonder if the heaped praise is justified. Especially as it seemed to be run by a bunch of man-children. Regardless, I was a big consumer of independent press and zines in my youth, and certainly enjoyed the peek into this one's history.
Light of Day 1987 9 Sep 21 Rated 5
Pretty unremarkable film that fits somewhere between a domestic drama and a rock-n-roll story. There's great chemistry between Michael J. Fox and Joan Jett, who holds her own here, but it's not enough to compensate for the plodding made-for-tv atmosphere. Bonus appearance by a young Trent Reznor in a typical 80s synth band, though.
Stuntwoman 1977 7 Sep 21 Rated 1
With Belmondo's recent passing, I decided to check this out as it's famous for his stunts. The stunts are about the only thing worth watching here. This is slapstick on a Benny Hill level, it's just… bad. And just to make it sound even cheaper, Raquel Welch is dubbed into French. It's also homophobic, sexist and pretty much glorifies rape. Even for a seventies French comedy, that's a lot.
Hardcore 1979 5 Sep 21 Rated 8
Gritty and sleazy look at the USA's puritanical façade via the porn underbelly of California. It's flawed, particularly the ending, but it's intense and fascinating with fantastic cinematography.
Touchez Pas au Grisbi 1954 1 Sep 21 Rated 7
Laid-back yet brutal. Gabin is the perfect aged gangster looking for that classic (before it was a film cliché) last payoff.
Paper Moon 1973 31 Aug 21 Rated 9
Incredibly charming and with outstanding direction. Tatum O'Neal steals every scene she's in. This is close to perfection.
The Big Risk 1960 29 Aug 21 Rated 8
Smart, cynical and downbeat French gangster classic. Never lets up until the very end. Quite something. Fantastic cinematography and cast too.
The In-Laws 1979 28 Aug 21 Rated 7
Fun little comedy that slowly builds to complete chaos. Great chemistry between Arkin and Falk.
Slums of Beverly Hills 1998 25 Aug 21 Rated 6
Uneven, with moments of brilliant insight. Natasha Lyonne is a natural.


Title Author Read Rating
Darkness, Take My Hand Dennis Lehane 15 Sep 21 Rated 8
A Drink Before the War Dennis Lehane 1 Sep 21 Rated 8
A World Without Email: Reimagining Work in an Age of Communication Overload Cal Newport 31 Aug 21 Rated 6
The Elephant Tree R.D. Ronald 20 Aug 21 Rated 6
Switch Chip Heath 16 Aug 21 Rated 4
Concrete Island J.G. Ballard 11 Aug 21 Rated 8
Get Up!: The Dire Health Consequences of Sitting and What We Can Do About It James A. Levine 9 Aug 21 Rated 8
The Kingdoms Natasha Pulley 5 Aug 21 Rated 10
Digital Body Language: How to Build Trust and Connection, No Matter the Distance Erica Dhawan 3 Aug 21 Rated 4
The Lost Future of Pepperharrow Natasha Pulley 25 Jul 21 Rated 10