Title Year Seen Rating
Greenland 2020 2 Dec 20 Rated 5
It's another end of the world film. Probably among the better ones but still trodding a well established and predictable path.
My Psychedelic Love Story 2020 1 Dec 20 Rated 7
Less of a historical documentary than a glimpse into Harcourt Smith's glittery acid-soaked and well-filled life. Highly entertaining nonetheless.
Fireball: Visitors From Darker Worlds 2020 28 Nov 20 Rated 7
Not particularly profound but strikes a lovely balance between Oppenheimer's scientific curiosity and Herzog's idiosyncratic narration.
Nimic 2019 27 Nov 20 Rated 8
Another Lanthimos universe with its own rules. Eerie and fascinating.
She's Funny That Way 2014 27 Nov 20 Rated 6
A fluffy screwball comedy that feels like it should have been made 60 years ago. Entertaining if you're happy with familiar tropes.
Den of Thieves 2018 26 Nov 20 Rated 6
Derivative testosterone-bloated heist film that desperately wants to be Heat. Despite all that, it works well enough in the mindless entertainment department.
The Art of Self-Defense 2019 21 Nov 20 Rated 7
Interesting, if a little superficial, take on toxic masculinity. Doesn't reach its full potential but lands enough dark punches to be entertaining.
The Last Black Man in San Francisco 2019 20 Nov 20 Rated 9
Pure heartfelt poetry. Gorgeous cinematography and a beautiful score.
Moscow on the Hudson 1984 19 Nov 20 Rated 3
Cold-war American propaganda.
Identity 2003 17 Nov 20 Rated 3
Obsessed with its own cleverness. Loud yet empty.


Title Author Read Rating
Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life Marshall B. Rosenberg 5 Dec 20 Rated 8
Creeping Jenny Jeff Noon 14 Nov 20 Rated 6
Your Money or Your Life Vicki Robin 31 Oct 20 Rated 6
What Can a Body Do?: How We Meet the Built World Sara Hendren 17 Oct 20 Rated 8
The Wonderbox: Curious Histories of How to Live Roman Krznaric 10 Oct 20 Rated 6
Build Your OmniFocus Workflow Rosemary Orchard 8 Oct 20 Rated 8
The Man Who Saw Everything Deborah Levy 26 Sep 20 Rated 6
Fiber Fueled: The Plant-Based Gut Health Program for Losing Weight, Restoring Your Health, and Optimizing Your Microbiome Will Bulsiewicz 15 Sep 20 Rated 10
In Praise of Shadows Jun'ichirĊ Tanizaki 11 Sep 20 Rated 6
Clean: The New Science of Skin and the Beauty of Doing Less James Hamblin 29 Aug 20 Rated 8