Title Year Seen Rating
Target: Harry 1969 22 Jun 21 Rated 3
Not very interesting, if only as an obscure Roger Corman production. It was originally a TV pilot, and it shows.
The Stylist 2020 20 Jun 21 Rated 4
Underwhelming and sluggish, with no plot and no backstories to grab your interest. Nice finale but not worth enduring everything else for.
Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects 1989 12 Jun 21 Rated 5
An odd mix of 80s action and sleaze. As wonderfully trashy as you'd expect when Bronson and Cannon films join forces. One for the fans.
Stuck 2007 10 Jun 21 Rated 6
Nasty, comic, and effective little gory thriller.
Simply Black 2020 7 Jun 21 Rated 6
A sharp takedown of a country that likes to think it's colour-blind but is far from it. It feels more like a sequence of sketches than a well-rounded film and features many cameos and references that won't land unless you're immersed in French culture. In the end, it's uneven, but the misses are worth powering through for the hits.
Wrong Cops 2013 5 Jun 21 Rated 7
Not my favourite Dupieux but, as someone who enjoys his unstructured absurdist stories very much, still very entertaining.
Money Money Money 1972 4 Jun 21 Rated 7
Quite a unique film. I never expected to see Jacques Brel kidnap Johnny Hallyday, but there you go. A nice satire of the 70s political upheaval and the older generation's bewilderment at all the changes. A little too long but largely made up for by some great scenes.
Life Is Sweet 1990 3 Jun 21 Rated 6
Wacky yet charming kitchen sink drama that's incredibly perceptive about the unsaid things that bind families together. The Aubrey storyline, on the other hand, seemed a little purposeless.
The Booksellers 2019 30 May 21 Rated 6
Nice documentary on specialist booksellers that could have done with a serious cut in length. Featured some interesting characters that made me want to fight my dust allergies and dig into old bookshelves.
Eden 2014 30 May 21 Rated 8
The acting felt a little wooden at times but, as someone who was there, that was a solidly accurate depiction of the French scene back in the day. Bringing back memories of names I'd forgotten like "Rave-Age" and eDen (the magazine, which I assume the film got its title from). Story-wise, it's a poignant look at the passing of time and the dreams of youth. It's a tale that feels very familiar.


Title Author Read Rating
Burn: New Science Reveals How Metabolism Shapes Your Body, Health, and Longevity Herman Pontzer 20 Jun 21 Rated 10
The Plot Jean Hanff Korelitz 11 Jun 21 Rated 6
Moon Rising Ian McDonald 30 May 21 Rated 8
Wolf Moon Ian McDonald 13 May 21 Rated 8
New Moon Ian McDonald 6 May 21 Rated 8
The Good Ancestor: How to Think Long Term in a Short Term World Roman Krznaric 5 May 21 Rated 8
Recursion Blake Crouch 8 Apr 21 Rated 8
Piranesi Susanna Clarke 1 Apr 21 Rated 8
The Trust Manifesto: What you Need to do to Create a Better Internet Damian Bradfield 28 Mar 21 Rated 6
The Innovation Delusion: How Our Obsession with the New Has Disrupted the Work That Matters Most Lee Vinsel 27 Mar 21 Rated 6