Title Year Seen Rating
Elle 2016 26 Feb 21 Rated 3
As the story progresses, it just gets more absurd and convoluted as it removes layers from the initial mystery. Not as smart as it thinks it is and only held together by Huppert's performance.
The Wolf of Snow Hollow 2020 25 Feb 21 Rated 4
Just way too heavy-handed with its attempts at quirkiness and its focus on the obnoxious main character's whole beast within vs the beast out there thing. Not for me.
Willy's Wonderland 2021 23 Feb 21 Rated 5
Dumb throwback fun. Who wouldn't want to battle The Rock-afire Explosion?
The Villainess 2017 21 Feb 21 Rated 7
The body count eclipses many other films before the opening credits are even over, the whole thing is mental and incredibly well produced. It's a strange combination of drama and balls to the wall action, but it somehow works.
Nomadland 2020 20 Feb 21 Rated 8
Understated and moving look at the death of the American dream and the search for belonging. The high proportion of real life characters in the cast adds the perfect touch.
The Brain 1988 19 Feb 21 Rated 4
Total cheese with a brain creature that manages to be simultaneously ridiculous and terrifying.
Boarding Gate 2007 18 Feb 21 Rated 5
Doesn't seem to know what to denounce or dive into. Asia Argento saves this meandering affair from complete failure.
Bed and Board 1970 16 Feb 21 Rated 8
A failing marriage kept interesting by all the comical and enchanting little touches Truffaut sprinkles throughout.
Dead Pigs 2018 12 Feb 21 Rated 7
Effective examination of class and modern China. Everything doesn’t land but enough of it does to make for an interesting and whimsical journey.
California Suite 1978 11 Feb 21 Rated 6
Hodgepodge anthology with some striking bits from Jane Fonda and Maggie Smith, and some down right ridiculous ones, particularly the horrible slapstick storyline with Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby.


Title Author Read Rating
Exercised: Why Something We Never Evolved to Do Is Healthy and Rewarding Daniel E. Lieberman 28 Feb 21 Rated 10
How to Make the World Add Up: Ten Rules for Thinking Differently About Numbers Tim Harford 31 Jan 21 Rated 8
Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain Lisa Feldman Barrett 20 Dec 20 Rated 6
Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life Marshall B. Rosenberg 5 Dec 20 Rated 8
Creeping Jenny Jeff Noon 14 Nov 20 Rated 6
Your Money or Your Life Vicki Robin 31 Oct 20 Rated 6
What Can a Body Do?: How We Meet the Built World Sara Hendren 17 Oct 20 Rated 8
The Wonderbox: Curious Histories of How to Live Roman Krznaric 10 Oct 20 Rated 6
Build Your OmniFocus Workflow Rosemary Orchard 8 Oct 20 Rated 8
The Man Who Saw Everything Deborah Levy 26 Sep 20 Rated 6