Title Year Seen Rating
Objectif 500 millions 1966 24 Sep 23 Rated 5
A bit of a mixed bag. The take on Algerian war veterans' feeling of betrayal by the French state is effective. The rest, with its muddled blend of influences, feels stilted and uneven.
The Retirement Plan 2023 23 Sep 23 Rated 3
Unbelievably generic. I imagine the cast wanted a free holiday in the Cayman Islands.
The Addiction 1995 22 Sep 23 Rated 7
The vampire film as both an exploration of addiction and violence, as well as a satire of philosophy. A blend that mostly works and results in pretty effective urban horror, if a little too pretentious at times. Without Lili Taylor, though, it would be just another B-movie. She's the glue that holds it all together.
Stone Cold 1991 19 Sep 23 Rated 6
A delightful serving of pure vintage macho cheese. Absolute nonsense but great stunts, particularly in the over the top finale.
Nuts in May 1976 17 Sep 23 Rated 8
Marvellous little slice of life where a couple of insufferable middle-class tree huggers import the monotony of their city life to the countryside, rather than escape from it. Overflows with cringeworthy situations and excellent dialogue.
Barbie 2023 16 Sep 23 Rated 5
Thematically, the film is impressive. From the production design to the costumes. Luckily, this gives coherence to a story that seriously lacks it. Gerwig throws so many important topics on the pile that they all end up feeling half-baked and, in several cases, are just characters spoon-feeding them to us though monologue. I hope this doesn't usher in a wave of brands selling themselves through faux subversion like Mattel just did.
Scanner Cop II 1995 14 Sep 23 Rated 4
More procedural and superficial than the first one. It's watchable, but barely.
Scanner Cop 1994 12 Sep 23 Rated 5
A police spin-off of scanners, with less exploding heads but more bulging veins. As direct-to-video flicks go, this one performs adequately and is fun in a trashy way. Richard Lynch as the villain is always a welcome bonus.
Eat the Rich 1987 10 Sep 23 Rated 7
A complete mess, but a frequently funny mess, that takes on the Thatcher-era rich in the most outrageous way possible. I enjoyed it immensely, despite it making no sense at all.
Strays 2023 9 Sep 23 Rated 4
A few really funny scenes with long stretches of nothing between them (unless dogs cussing non-stop is your thing). Probably worth slogging through for the climax, though. That was something.


Title Author Read Rating
Outrage Machine: How Tech Is Amplifying Discontent, Undermining Democracy, and Pushing Us Towards Chaos Tobias Rose-Stockwell 26 Sep 23 Rated 6
Ultra-Processed People: The Science Behind Food That Isn't Food Chris van Tulleken 31 Aug 23 Rated 10
The Wandering Mind: What Medieval Monks Tell Us About Distraction Jamie Kreiner 20 Aug 23 Rated 6
Stuck Monkey: The Deadly Planetary Cost of the Things We Love James Hamilton-Paterson 20 Aug 23 Rated 6
Saving Time: Discovering a Life Beyond the Clock Jenny Odell 1 Aug 23 Rated 6
The Intelligence Illusion: a practical guide to the business risks of Generative AI Baldur Bjarnason 9 Jul 23 Rated 8
Palo Alto: A History of California, Capitalism, and the World Malcolm Harris 26 Jun 23 Rated 10
The Pathless Path: Imagining a New Story For Work and Life Paul Millerd 25 Jun 23 Rated 4
Ravenous: How to get ourselves and our planet into shape Henry Dimbleby 28 May 23 Rated 8
The Terraformers Annalee Newitz 20 May 23 Rated 6