Title Year Seen Rating
New York Ninja 2021 18 Feb 24 Rated 8
It's got a ninja on roller skates, what more could you want? One of those so-bad-it's-good films that gets even better thanks to the modern "re-direction". A masterpiece. I was grinning through most of it.
The Great Escaper 2023 17 Feb 24 Rated 5
Stretches a heart-warming news bite into a rather thin film. So, you get a lot of filler, mainly through clunky flashbacks and patriotic sentimentalism. Thankfully, Caine and Jackson are legendary enough to salvage the experience. Their performances carry this movie farther than it deserves.
Sleepwalkers 1992 16 Feb 24 Rated 4
Pretty bad, but it has its amusing moments. Also lots of cats.
Blue Thunder 1983 15 Feb 24 Rated 6
Blue Thunder boasts kinetic, pre-CGI helicopter stunts with impressive low-altitude flights over down-town Los Angeles. These sequences alone make the film worth a watch. Thematically, though, it offers a muddled critique of overreaching surveillance, with a scene showing two police officers staring down a woman's dress from 150m in the air. It's flawed, but the exciting action and strong cast elevate it above similar films in the genre
Frankenhooker 1990 14 Feb 24 Rated 7
With a title like that, you expect a good dose of psychotronic cheese. And that's exactly what you get, and then some. Every single scene is campy and stupid, but you just can't turn your eyes away. It's gloriously, unapologetically ridiculous.
Marmalade 2024 13 Feb 24 Rated 6
I may have watched too many films, but I saw the main twist coming from a mile away. Still, it's a fun watch, if a little meandering.
La Bourse et la Vie 1966 11 Feb 24 Rated 2
Random barely amusing situations that all hang together by a very weak thread. Not much to find here except an anecdotal look at sixties France.
Coup de tĂȘte 1979 8 Feb 24 Rated 3
While the film offers interesting political and class perspectives, its questionable portrayal of rape, even by the standards of its time, detracts from any potential it might have had.
Serie Noire 1979 6 Feb 24 Rated 8
A grim mix of desperation and black comedy. Dewaere's manic self-destructive portrayal of Poupart against the desolate patchwork of a half-finished Paris suburb is superb. Perfectly dark.
Angel III: The Final Chapter 1988 5 Feb 24 Rated 3
Cheap and dull sequel, with a made-for-TV feeling. This one trades grit for bargain-bin plots and flat performances. Adequate, but ultimately forgettable


Title Author Read Rating
At Work in the Ruins: Finding Our Place in the Time of Science, Climate Change, Pandemics and All the Other Emergencies Dougald Hine 20 Jan 24 Rated 6
Surveillance Valley: The Rise of the Military-Digital Complex Yasha Levine 24 Dec 23 Rated 10
The Ministry for the Future Kim Stanley Robinson 24 Dec 23 Rated 4
The Jakarta Method: Washington's Anticommunist Crusade and the Mass Murder Program that Shaped Our World Vincent Bevins 26 Nov 23 Rated 10
There Are No Accidents Jessie Singer 3 Nov 23 Rated 8
Outrage Machine: How Tech Is Amplifying Discontent, Undermining Democracy, and Pushing Us Towards Chaos Tobias Rose-Stockwell 26 Sep 23 Rated 6
Ultra-Processed People: The Science Behind Food That Isn't Food Chris van Tulleken 31 Aug 23 Rated 10
The Wandering Mind: What Medieval Monks Tell Us About Distraction Jamie Kreiner 20 Aug 23 Rated 6
Stuck Monkey: The Deadly Planetary Cost of the Things We Love James Hamilton-Paterson 20 Aug 23 Rated 6
Saving Time: Discovering a Life Beyond the Clock Jenny Odell 1 Aug 23 Rated 6