Title Year Seen Rating
Vivement ce soir 1985 2 Dec 21 Rated 6
A day in the life of a supermarket (the old Maxi GB in Kraainem to be precise). Strangely mesmerising despite any real story. Gets bonus points for historical/nostalgia value.
Black Friday 2021 2 Dec 21 Rated 5
Standard slasher that fails to take advantage of its cast, particularly the almighty Bruce Campbell. Nice practical effects, weak dialogue.
Louise-Michel 2008 28 Nov 21 Rated 8
Definitely my type of dark ridiculous humour. Always ready for pissed-off working-class anti-heroes.
Body Heat 1981 28 Nov 21 Rated 7
Steamiest noir I've ever seen, in more ways than one. Turner and Hurt have impressive chemistry.
Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road 2021 27 Nov 21 Rated 4
I've never been a fan of the Beach Boys. They were before my time and, by the time I heard them, they'd been imitated so many times that I never got that "wow" feeling when you hear something so different and new. It's easy to see from this documentary that Brian Wilson is an absolute genius as far as composition and studio work go. However, watching a man who's been through so much struggle as he gets taken down memory lane feels shameless and exploitative.
The Bear Cage 1974 25 Nov 21 Rated 8
Surprisingly impactful and intelligent story of generational conflict and the distress of all parties involved. Quite a time capsule too, depecting the invasion of the supermarket and the death of the corner shop, the youth revolts of the time, and the destruction of Brussels' northern quarter in order to build a sterile skyscraper district.
Above the Law 2017 24 Nov 21 Rated 6
Serviceable heist/political thriller film that gets more heavy-handed as it progresses. The link with the Brabant killers wasn't really needed either. Definitely watchable and even enjoyable. Also nice to see Brussels and other parts of Belgium show up as themselves in a film for once rather than pretending to be Paris or some other foreign location.
Close Enemies 2018 23 Nov 21 Rated 7
It has its flaws, but this intimate French drug dealing thriller manages to avoid most of the genre's clich├ęs. The focus on the complexity of life in the Paris projects rather than gun fights and racism makes for a welcome change. Powerful performances by Reda Kateb and Matthias Schoenaerts
Smile 1975 22 Nov 21 Rated 8
Excellent understated satire of seventies suburban america and much of the emptyness behind it. One of those films you think back to and notice jokes after the fact.
Night Raiders 2021 20 Nov 21 Rated 6
It tackles interesting and important issues but never seems to fully follow through. A bit of a mixed bag. Worth a watch for the world building and ambition it shows.


Title Author Read Rating
The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can't Stand Positive Thinking Oliver Burkeman 2 Dec 21 Rated 10
What If We Stopped Pretending? Jonathan Franzen 1 Nov 21 Rated 8
An Ugly Truth: Inside Facebook's Battle for Domination Sheera Frenkel 30 Oct 21 Rated 6
Light Chaser Peter F. Hamilton 27 Oct 21 Rated 6
Factotum Charles Bukowski 19 Oct 21 Rated 8
When Bad Thinking Happens to Good People: How Philosophy Can Save Us from Ourselves Steven Nadler 5 Oct 21 Rated 4
Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold Stephen Fry 4 Oct 21 Rated 8
Post Office Charles Bukowski 25 Sep 21 Rated 8
Sacred Dennis Lehane 21 Sep 21 Rated 6
New York City in 1979 Kathy Acker 18 Sep 21 Rated 6