Title Year Seen Rating
The Bank Job 2008 13 Oct 21 Rated 6
Classic-feeling thriller/heist film based on a true story from 1971 albeit more on the rumours of the time around said heist than the actual heist itself. An efficient and entertaining time-killer that does exactly what it's meant to.
One from the Heart 1981 10 Oct 21 Rated 4
A devastatingly beautiful yawnfest with sexual politics that have definitely not aged well.
The Verdict 1982 7 Oct 21 Rated 8
Newman is absolutely excellent in this slow burn courtroom drama/character study. The film manages to avoid most of the Hollywood conventions of the genre and the photography, simultaneously bleak and gorgeous, really carries the story.
Alita: Battle Angel 2019 6 Oct 21 Rated 4
It's visually impressive, albeit a bit too uncanny valley for me. It's also a pile of clichés featuring cardboard vilains and uninspired dialogue. Then again, maybe the manga it's based on is too, I don't know. I certainly wasn't bored, but leading me to a finale that's just a setup for a sequel, that irritated me.
Beanfilm 1976 5 Oct 21 Rated 6
Fun little short with stop-motion beans. Simply that.
The Card Counter 2021 30 Sep 21 Rated 8
Disturbing and restrained in a very clinical fashion. The brutality is always just beneath the surface or, occasionally, off-screen. Oscar Isaac is brilliant as the tormented loner and Schrader, well, he still believes we're beyond redemption.
The Protégé 2021 29 Sep 21 Rated 4
Better than it ought to be thanks to Maggie Q, Jackson and Keaton. But it definitely feels like a warmed up version of many films that came before it. Entertaining enough if you leave your brain at the reception.
Intruder 1989 28 Sep 21 Rated 5
A classic slasher movie that's good nasty entertainment. It's cheesy without being boring like many other 80s VHS slashers. The kills are original, the jabs at capitalism are fun and the camera angles are over the top, one shot even coming from behind the rotary dial of a phone. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell make appearances and I'm pretty sure I spotted the generic beer cans and packaging from Repo Man too.
Free Guy 2021 27 Sep 21 Rated 3
From the little I'd read online, I was expecting something a tad more subversive. This is essentially a live-action Lego movie for 10-year-olds who're into Fortnite. Ryan Reynolds plays Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer is wasted here.
Bad Seeds 2018 19 Sep 21 Rated 4
Well-intentioned yet terribly naive and clumsy film. Loaded with every cliché about suburban youth you can think of, it feels more like a series of skits than a full-length story. It definitely made me smile at times but also had me groaning in equal measure.


Title Author Read Rating
When Bad Thinking Happens to Good People: How Philosophy Can Save Us from Ourselves Steven Nadler 5 Oct 21 Rated 4
Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold Stephen Fry 4 Oct 21 Rated 8
Post Office Charles Bukowski 25 Sep 21 Rated 8
Sacred Dennis Lehane 21 Sep 21 Rated 6
New York City in 1979 Kathy Acker 18 Sep 21 Rated 6
Darkness, Take My Hand Dennis Lehane 15 Sep 21 Rated 8
A Drink Before the War Dennis Lehane 1 Sep 21 Rated 8
A World Without Email: Reimagining Work in an Age of Communication Overload Cal Newport 31 Aug 21 Rated 6
The Elephant Tree R.D. Ronald 20 Aug 21 Rated 6
Switch Chip Heath 16 Aug 21 Rated 4