Title Year Seen Rating
Dustin 2020 22 May 22 Rated 8
Slice of life short that evokes the party and after-party vibes quite accurately as well as their highs and lows. Not too cliché view into trans life also, with a nice little heart-warming ending.
Domino 2005 18 May 22 Rated 4
This film is the very definition of trying too hard. Somewhere below the barrage of fast edits and overdone filters, there's an interesting story trying to emerge.
In the Loop 2009 13 May 22 Rated 8
You laugh but you know this is all probably too close to the truth. Wonderfully sharp satire only made better by Peter Capaldi's potty mouth.
The Lost City 2022 12 May 22 Rated 4
You've seen this before. Shows promise at the start but slips into sluggishness pretty quick. Remains watchable thanks to the charm of the cast but could have been a much better clone than it is.
Ambulance 2022 11 May 22 Rated 6
Michael Bay destroys a monumental amount of cars and abuses drone shots. As far as popcorn action goes, it gets the job done.
They All Laughed 1981 9 May 22 Rated 7
Charming and easy-going meander around 1980s New York where plot is secondary and characters come first. Once you get into its groove, the ride is quite enjoyable.
Down Periscope 1996 1 May 22 Rated 3
One hell of a cast for not much of a film. Mildly entertaining.
Road to Salina 1970 25 Apr 22 Rated 7
A bit of an odd bird in the Lautner filmography. Sitting right on the edge between hypnotic 60s arthouse and gritty 70s noir. It's beautiful to look at, has a great soundtrack, and has quite a unique vibe. The dialogue and strange dubbing hold it back from being truly great.
Streetwise 1984 24 Apr 22 Rated 9
Amazing. It's raw and heartbreaking but also somewhat poetic. The way the filmmakers just stood back and let the kids do their thing makes for some incredibly powerful storytelling.
The Walker 2007 23 Apr 22 Rated 6
Not Schrader's best. Harrelson's character is intriguing and the dialogue is sharp. It just meanders a little too much to be perfect.


Title Author Read Rating
The Web of Meaning: Integrating Science and Traditional Wisdom to Find Our Place in the Universe Jeremy Lent 20 May 22 Rated 6
Notes From A Small Island: Journey Through Britain Bill Bryson 20 May 22 Rated 8
There's A War Going On But No One Can See It Huib Modderkolk 15 May 22 Rated 10
Super-Cannes J.G. Ballard 6 May 22 Rated 8
A Minute to Think: Reclaim Creativity, Conquer Busyness, and Do Your Best Work Juliet Funt 15 Apr 22 Rated 6
Europe at Dawn Dave Hutchinson 29 Mar 22 Rated 8
Thinking in Systems: A Primer Donella H. Meadows 14 Mar 22 Rated 8
Head On John Scalzi 13 Mar 22 Rated 6
Lock In John Scalzi 6 Mar 22 Rated 6
Moonlight Mile Dennis Lehane 25 Feb 22 Rated 6