Title Year Seen Rating
Le Masque 2022 2 Dec 22 Rated 5
Another documentary covering a story you couldn't make up. It's a relatively interesting tale but a way too flattering portrait of the main protagonist and his slimy charm.
Balle Perdue 2 2022 1 Dec 22 Rated 6
As entertaining as the first one albeit a little more over the top. Good, simple action.
Shiny_Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord 2021 25 Nov 22 Rated 6
Very entertaining but also quite shallow. Where's the bigger picture? The examination of privilege? Etc. Still, it's quite a story.
In Silico 2020 24 Nov 22 Rated 6
Interesting look at a project to simulate the brain in silicon and the people and egos around it. More interesting, however, were the author's ruminations on the role of errors and imperfection in the genesis of who we are and what we're made of. I would have appreciated more of the latter.
To Sir, with Love 1967 23 Nov 22 Rated 6
Of its time but with its heart in the right place. Poitier holds the whole film together.
Free Fire 2016 22 Nov 22 Rated 4
Diet Tarantino. All style, no soul.
Athena 2022 20 Nov 22 Rated 6
Goes from one of the most amazing introduction sequences I've ever seen to a stale ending with absolutely nothing to say. The film is pure adrenaline from the get go but the social issues are background noise and most of the characters are convenient stereotypes. Still worth watching purely for the visual spectacle.
La Nuit du 12 2022 19 Nov 22 Rated 8
A story about policing, gender, and violence that uses the unsolved murder at its core as an excuse to take on important issues. It can be a little too flagrant at times, but the atmosphere and depth of emotion largely make up for it. Solid.
Bedazzled 1967 19 Nov 22 Rated 5
Uneven with the odd laugh, but not out loud, moment. Gets better towards the end if you can hold out.
The Last of Sheila 1973 15 Nov 22 Rated 6
Intricately technical, sometimes forgetting character development. Despite this, it's a pleasant and intriguing watch.


Title Author Read Rating
Very Bad People: The Inside Story of Our Fight Against the World’s Network of Corruption Patrick Alley 21 Nov 22 Rated 8
Sweet Thursday John Steinbeck 17 Nov 22 Rated 8
The Kaiju Preservation Society John Scalzi 30 Oct 22 Rated 6
Killer in the Kremlin: The Explosive Account of Putin's Reign of Terror John Sweeney 30 Oct 22 Rated 10
Access Rules: Freeing Data from Big Tech for a Better Future Viktor Mayer-Schönberger 22 Oct 22 Rated 4
Snow Leopard: How Legendary Writers Create A Category Of One Category Pirates 22 Oct 22 Rated 6
The Twilight World Werner Herzog 22 Oct 22 Rated 10
Framers: Human Advantage in an Age of Technology and Turmoil Kenneth Cukier 22 Oct 22 Rated 6
Cannery Row John Steinbeck 19 Oct 22 Rated 8
The Half Life of Valery K Natasha Pulley 10 Oct 22 Rated 10