Me on my bike, suffering up the Côte de la Redoute climb in the south of Belgium.

My name is Colin O'Brien, I live in Brussels, Belgium. This blog has been compiling my random thoughts and links since 1998 (sadly, many archives are now missing).

I work as a consultant in web development and performance, I enjoy cycling whenever I can, walking whenever I can't, and I'm slowly working on reducing the height of my reading pile. One day there may be a more interesting bio here…

The current version of this site is a work in progress, it's slowly becoming what I would like it to be. Glitches may be present, archives will be missing.

If you like pinball, I also run a site that indexes places to play in Europe (also a work in progress), feel free to contribute if you know of a venue that's not in there yet.


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If you want to contact me, email colin at this domain.