Me on my bike, suffering up the Côte de la Redoute climb in the south of Belgium.

My name is Colin O'Brien, I live in Brussels, Belgium. This blog has been compiling my random thoughts and links since 1998 (sadly, many archives are now missing).

I work as a consultant, helping organisations make their websites faster and less user-hostile. I enjoy cycling whenever I can, walking whenever I can't, and I'm slowly working on reducing the height of my reading pile. One day there may be a more interesting bio here…

The current version of this site is a work in progress, it's slowly becoming what I would like it to be. Glitches may be present, archives will be missing.

If you like pinball, I also run a site that indexes places to play in Europe (also a work in progress), feel free to contribute if you know of a venue that's not in there yet.


This site does not track you in any way. No cookies, no analytics, nothing.


If you want to contact me, email colin at this domain.