Assorted reading

Time for the week-end and some longer reads to settle down with.

While CBS executives in the control looked on in horror and disbelief, Larson harbored a secret: he’d cracked the code of Press Your Luck. For months, he’d studied the show’s game board, which lit up squares in a supposedly “random” sequence, and found that, in actually, it was repeating the same 5 patterns over and over again.

Joshua Goldberg is not Muslim, and he's not Australian. He is a 20-year-old nerd of Jewish background who until yesterday lived with his parents and sister in a suburban house in Florida. But under the online alias "Australi Witness", Goldberg managed to convince even Islamic State jihadists that he was an Australian IS mujahid who once worked for Amnesty International.

At 5 years old, Charbit would sneak toys into her younger brother’s room. By age 10, she was stashing her belongings in alleys around her London neighborhood. At 13, she discovered charity stores, smuggling bags past her parents and out the door.