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Aside from militant cyclists, racists, bullies and Roosters fans, the people who used to shit me most profoundly were vegans. Self-righteous, hectoring, humourless, spoilsports - I'd have crossed a crowded dinner table to avoid them, until the fateful day I became one myself.

Asking someone about their relationship with coffee is often a short route to uncovering a certain pride in maintaining working-class sensibilities, especially in the face of perceived gentrification.

Masculine power and its violent rituals are at the center of Sattouf’s work. His caustic, often brutal vision of how boys are groomed to become men has brought him acclaim far beyond the underground-comics scene where he first made his name.

Four dead, an ever-expanding list of suspects, dozens of detectives on the case. Three years after the fact, a mysterious shooting in the French Alps has evolved into one of the most confounding, globe-spanning criminal investigations in decades.