A long range forecast of our dark future

Charles Stross pulls together a rather apocalyptic, but all too believable, forecast for the next decade. An explosive cocktail of climate change, mass-migration, growing xenophobia and financial crazyness.

It's well documented, so it's worth going down the rabbit holes peppered throughout the article.

This is a toxic combination. We've just weathered the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, and we're undergoing an infrastructure crisis (due to climate change) and the extinction of an economic backbone industry—admittedly one we will be far better off without: coal and oil pollution directly kill tens of thousands of people even in developed nations—which will ultimately require the replacement of tens of trillions of dollars' worth of fossil fuel infrastructure worldwide. Add nativist/racist/right wing politics on top, from Hungary through Poland (above) and Russia and it really looks like we're in for a replay of the 1930s.