Don't Upgrade Your Phone (Yet!)

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Do you need a new phone or can you just replace the battery instead?

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Covid doesn't infect people, it infects cells.

Charles Stross on our inner representation of Covid-19:

COVID19 infects human (and a few other mammalian species—mink, deer) cells: it doesn't recognize or directly interact with the superorganisms made of those cells.

By antropomorphising it and acting defiantly through mask or vaccination refusal, there's a will to be defiant in the face of some imaginary, sentient, enemy rather than the faceless, emotionless, little spiky blob it is.

People construct supernatural explanations for observed phenomena, and COVID19 is an observable phenomenon, so we get propitiatory or defiant/adversarial responses, not rational ones.

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An automated policing program got a man shot twice.

The world is slowly catching up to dystopian sci-fi stories. A predictive policing program used by Chicago's police predicted a man would be involved in a shooting. The ramifications within the police and local community ended up getting him shot – twice!

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How movie sounds are made.

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Fascinating look into how sounds in film are produced. As well as a custom house built to do the work.

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Genre Is Disappearing. What Comes Next?

Genre was once a practical tool for organizing record shops and programming radio stations, but it seems unlikely to remain one in an era in which all music feels like a hybrid, and listeners are no longer encouraged (or incentivized) to choose a single area of interest.

An interesting take on the historical categorisation and the continuous flux of musical genres as well as the disappearance of group identification.

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A Love Letter to the Link Post.

This link post approves of the post in question.

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