The bowel-quaking dance music of late-80s Yorkshire.

A great write-up on the Bleep sound of Sheffield that had an important place in the history of dance music. I still remember the first time I heard LFO, I was blown away. Luckily, my speakers were not.

Rob Gordon, Warp co-founder and a supremely talented and important producer and engineer in the bleep story, remixed The Theme for its Virgin rerelease as his “bass statement” but no mastering engineers would touch it. One did, Geoff Pesche, but in order to fully capture the sheer depth of sub-bass on the record, he crawled under the mixing desk to remove its limiters. Letters of complaint flooded to Virgin, as ill-prepared speaker systems were blown and destroyed across the UK.
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Plant self-defense

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Artist David Bowen has connected a plant to a robotic arm holding a machete. The electrical signals within the plant control its movement.

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Stringed in Bright Brussels. Stringed in Bright Brussels.
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Wonders you can find on street view.

A site that compiles all the strange and interesting places you can spot on Google Street View.

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The Soviet mechanical spaceflight computer.

An amazing-looking contraption built for the Soviet space program with a mechanical spinning globe and more cogs than an Enigma device.

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Knightrider court, London. But better.

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An amusing 80s TV show intervention on the Knightrider Court sign in London.

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