The heads of Presidents Park

The US is the land of roadside attractions. One of those was the, short-lived, Presidents Park in Virginia; an open-air park where visitors could amble among giant presidents' heads.

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A few recent reads

Reading for your week-end. This time with parking, food and thievery.

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A long range forecast of our dark future

Charles Stross pulls together a rather apocalyptic, but all too believable, forecast for the next decade. An explosive cocktail of climate change, mass-migration, growing xenophobia and financial crazyness.

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Some recent articles of interest

A collection of articles that recently got my attention.

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Skating through the lockdown

Two weeks after the Paris attacks, Brussels is in lockdown. But at Ursulines skatepark, a multicultural community is thriving.

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Recently read longform content

Yet another batch of week-end reads for you.

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